Discover the Power of Lupins

Plant Protein

Twice as much as other legumes!

< 1g Carbs

& naturally high in magnessium, iron, and antioxidants

High in Fibre

but lectin-free, meaning you get all the gut loving benefits without the bloat!

the evidence is clear

We don't like to brag but...

Compared to others, lupins are kind of a big deal. With more protein and fibre than the usual suspects, you’ll find they are the one ingredient you needed to have your every day foods done even better 💥


A label that we’re proud of

Simple (but never boring ✌️) foods using no-nonsense natural ingredients - with a label that everyone can understand!

You will be surprised with how little we need to add to create delicious plant foods 🌱


Did you know?

Lupins actually leave nature better than they found it 👀

They foster bee pollination, they play a valuable role at enriching the soil by creating biodiversity, and require very little water to grow.

The true agricultural super-heroes! 🌍

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