The Dreamer 🚀

Dreams of a world where Lupins are a kitchen staple. You will find her either having deep conversations about life, or raving about her latest workout obsession!


The Social Guru 🤳

Studied nutrition, but found her passion creating content on social media. Always on the look out for fun and engaging ways to communicate with large audiences!


The Idealist ✌️

Cares deeply for the impact he can have on others. He believes businesses need to be accountable for their communities, and ensures that is how we lead the way!


The Sustainability Bee 🐝

Officially overseeing our Ops & Sales, but does so much more than that. Deeply driven by our impact, Bibi ensures that we prioritise our social + enviromental footprint across all our value chain. Great for us, even better for the planet.


The Chef 🥣

Studied architecture, but found her passion in cooking and sharing her recipes. Always ready for a good workout session followed by her all time favorite meal - porridge bowl!!


Head of Product 🔎

The person responsible for transforming our vision into delicious products. With +20 years experience in Food Engineering, Olga is a true product mastermind!

With +3 years invested in product development alongside lupin experts, we've cultivated the expertise and connections necessary to showcase the true benefits of lupins.

Our commitment to quality and innovation has led to a comprehensive understanding of this versatile legume.

We have developed a range of products meticulously crafted to deliver both taste and nutrition, improving the protein and fibre intake of your everyday foods.