Lupins anyway?

Lupin is a native European legume that represents a significant alternative to soya beans - they have a really high protein content (up to 44%) and contain all the ten essential amino acids. This makes them...

one of the world's richest natural sources of combined fibre & protein

That's right! A new BFF to those looking for a new source of protein for their plant based meals and snacks or anyone really.


Impact of Lupins

Europe depends on soya bean imports for 70% of its plant requirements & it's time for a change!

Lupins fix nitrogen to the soil, which helps create a better environment for growth and survival of other plants (making it a great candidate for crop rotation).

It promotes Regenerative Agriculture: not only by giving back to the soil, but also providing new sources of income to farmers.

Has a very low carbon footprint when compared with other protein sources.